PAI Scheduler Training

Live MS Project Scheduler Training
We provide scheduler training on projects we support.   Students will be engaged in your live project environment experiencing a working planning, tracking, reporting process.  Prior MS Project experience is not required.  The student begins by attending the status meetings of executing projects to become  familiar with the process.  Training is complete when the student is able to plan and maintain schedules, host status meetings, and produce the required status reports in the live environment unassisted.  Training is part time, from 6 to 12 status update cycles depending on the student’s aptitude, familiarity with MS Project, and conflicting duties.

PAI Training compared to MS Project Classroom Training
MS Project classroom training teaches the dizzying array of MS Project features and functions and the many ways they may be used, but class exercises are unlikely to prepare the student for the environments they will encounter.  The student must figure out how to adapt or be trained for your environment.  At completion of PAI Live Training the student is scheduling your projects.

PAI Service Replacement Training
Clients are encouraged to use Live MS Project Scheduler Training to train their own in house schedulers to replace our service or to supply schedulers elsewhere in the organization.

Classroom Training
Simulates Live MS Project Scheduler Training in the classroom.

Project Manager Scheduler Training
A project manager that builds and manages their own project schedule is a project scheduler.  We provide Live or Classroom scheduler training for project managers.

The PAILite Template
Students in our scheduler training programs receive the PAILite template providing project managers, teams, and executives similar visibility and control to the version we use in our client practice, but with less complexity under the covers.  Slides in this presentation in our site library, 42 to 92, use the PAILite template.