Schedulers Make Things Happen

For example: A 30-Story Building Built In 15 Days (360 hours in 2.5 minutes)———->

For Our Clients

PAI provides a high visibility scheduling service that unites the project executive and the project team to achieve the most successful possible outcome within the triple constraints of time, scope, and resources.  The schedule enables the project executive and the project team to colaborate during planning and execution.  Slippage of a single task can move dozens of tasks into the future affecting key milestones.  Seeing these effects enables the project executive and team to control change and recovery together.  Miscommunication and surprises become a vestige of the past.  Status meetings are efficient, checking off tasks that are on schedule and managing change and slippage during the meeting.

The project executive participates in all status meetings.  If the project executive misses a meeting and there is a schedule change, the team may miss an acceptable adjustment.  The later a recovery is attempted the fewer, and possibly no, recovery options are available. Weekly status updates are recommended to optimize control and keep all informed.

The PAI scheduling service is available worldwide via screen sharing conference calls.  No travel is needed and no large conference facilities are required for meeting attendees.  This process is particularly effective for worldwide projects, participants in multiple time zones, traveling, or working from home.  PAI can use the client’s screen sharing conferencing capability or provide conferencing at our expense via GoToMeeting.

The process produces 5 reports essential for project control plus any others requested, and maintains an archive of all reports for all projects enabling the client to review and reconstruct the entire life of a project for forensic purposes.

The PAI process relieves the project manager from the need to maintain the MS Project schedule but not from responsibility for its content and control.  The PAI scheduler ensures the schedule represents the project manager’s intent while, at the same time, ensuring the schedule will reflect the effects of changes and facilitate recovery.

At any time after the steady state control process is in place the client may elect to take over the scheduling process.  PAI will train one or more qualified project participants to seamlessly take over using the PAILite Template views, tables, filters, and custom fields employed in the process.

For the Community

PAI is a collaborative institution for Microsoft Project schedulers.  This website describes our scheduling philosophy and process, and  the most recent presentations in our library show examples.  Visitors are invited to share and discuss their scheduling methodology with us, post it on this website for the community, and use our free mentoring service to refine their scheduling skills.  The intent is to advance the scheduling profession by learning from one another.

The PAILite Template

For the experienced MSP user we offer, at no charge, the PAILite template containing views, tables, filters, custom fields, option settings and a custom menu ribbon which will provide project managers and teams similar visibility and control to the version we use in our client practice, but with less complexity under the covers.  To receive your copy of the PAILite template email the following information: Name; Phone number; Company; City; State; Country; Years using MSP; and Your current version.


For schedulers and project managers we offer mentoring and training.  Please email us with your requirements.

Other client services include:

1) Helping project organizations move from project managers doing their own schedules
(PA=project administration, includes scheduling.)
to a multi project scheduling service.  If you have a project office the scheduler should be part of it.  The benefits are significant.

2)  Training project managers to schedule their own projects.

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